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Torque Pro 5 Lite

Our newest in-house frame is an ultralight. This frame is a lighter evolution of the original Pro 5, and we couldn't be more excited.
The Torque Pro 5 Lite is our newest design. This frame was designed to be an ultra-lightweight powerhouse. It tips the scales at just 50g and can be fully assembled at 190g. Our tester is running a 1000mAh battery and has an AUW/w battery of just 325g! The Pro 5 Lite has an identical stretch to its bigger brother, the Pro 5; with that being said, you can expect the same stability with faster response and improved agility. As with any ultralight the Pro 5 Lite takes a slight hit in durability when compared to the Pro 5, but as long as it is not over burdened with excess weight this frame can take a beating. This is our chief reason for building it with a 20x20 stack and 4mm arms. Our tester used 2204 motors and had the straight line speed of the heavier Pro 5 with 2206 motors but had a level of agility and efficiency that was incomparable. 
The intention of the Pro 5 Lite is to be able to be ran hard by a pro level racer without falling out of the sky on a track that is too fast. With the right build, this frame can be ran balls to the wall on the fastest tracks and still easily make the 2 minute mark without having to HV charge for extra mAh. Our tester ran a 1000mAh LiPo and was still able to complete 2 full laps at speed after running a 2 minute main.

  • 50g weight
  • 20x20 stack
  • 4mm arms
  • Top mount Battery
  • Camera angle 20° to 90°

  • Motor weight of 24g or less
  • Lightweight antenna
  • 850-1300 mAh LiPo
  • Recommended motor size is 2204

  • Availability: 2 In Stock
  • Model: Pro 5 Lite
  • Manufacturer: Torque FPV

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