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Torque EVO

The next step in the Torque Pro 5 evolution.


The Torque EVO is the latest edition to our revolutionary racing frame lineup. The EVO is a lightweight racing frame that is capable of all the camera angle you will ever need and has a built in SMA antenna mount. This frame was inspired by and built for racers. We designed the frame to be lightweight and durable while also having a safe place to mount the VTx antenna. Mount requires 90° UFL. This frame was designed as an evolution of the Pro 5 Lite, with advent of 6s we found that the Lite needed a little more strength to cope with the new weights, so we beefed it and created the EVO 



  • Lightweight 64g with all hardware on board 
  • Stretched X racing frame
  • Designed with top mount batteries in mind
  • Can be bottom mounted with the ability to easily replace the battery Strap.
  • Rear VTx antenna Mount
  • VTx can be mounted inside the frame and still accessed through lower windows
  • Camera has high angle capability >75°
  • Durable frame with 5mm arms that touch for extra support
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Model: EVO
  • Manufacturer: Torque FPV

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